EDCOF Director’s Profile

Dr. Carla Massoud

Dr Carla Massoud, researcher/lecturer/professional coach/consultant, is the director of the Educational center “EDCOF Educational Services” in Nigeria.

Dr Massoud is a researcher and member of the research laboratory of saint joseph university of Beirut. She supervises research in the field of leadership.

Dr. Massoud fills the post of Secretary General of the French association for Comparative education. This association organizes colloquium around recent research topics in different city every year.

As a trainer, she develops tailored courses for organizations in Nigeria, France, and the middle east.

Dr. Massoud works as a consultant in leadership. Dr. Massoud works with institutions to help them develop improvement plans, coordinate professional development projects, write evaluation protocols…..

For several years, Dr. Massoud conducted workshops for head of schools in Nigeria.  These training sessions revolved around leadership, evaluation in all its angles, recruitment, participative management, professional development planning, leadership, decision making, …..

Currently, she is a visiting professor for the Master degrees in Management at Saint Joseph University of Beirut, the Catholic Institute of Paris, and lectured as visiting professor at Lagos Business School. She also intervenes as academic trainer at Descartes University (Sorbonne, Paris) on a continuous basis.

Dr. Massoud holds a doctorate from the Catholic Institute of Paris in Comparative Education focus on leadership. She is a certified professional coach from EFPP, France. She has a master’s degree in leadership focus on education from Michigan states University and attended the Institute of accountability at Harvard. Dr Massoud is a certified professional coach from EFPP, The European Federation for Psychoanalysis.

As a director of EDCOF, Dr. Massoud trains all the trainers who join the loops of EDCOF on the interactive strategies of training. Having been specialized in curriculum development, Dr. Massoud develops the training courses offered by EDCOF and facilitates the courses for Senior executives.

Her latest publications are :

“Une étude comparée de L’évaluation du personnel, Cultures de l’évaluation et dérives évaluatives”1, (2014), L’Harmattan, Paris

“Comparaison du Programme éducative français et américain”, (2015), Editions Européennes, Bruxelles

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