Executive Coaching


Individual coaching “one-on-one” –  provides support and positive expectations for managers and leaders facing new challenges throughout their careers (new positions, greater responsibilities, organizational change, managing multi-cultural environments, managing experts, passing on knowledge and experience, managing adverse situations, returning to the job after a burnout, etc.).

Team coaching – creates a space for team members to communicate and come together, particularly for groups going through changes in their environment, business sector and duties. Team members reach or return to expected performance levels quicker, thanks to a new awareness and mobilization of their resources. Energy is devoted to boosting factors that lead to success rather than analyzing problems and reducing shortcomings.

Organizational coaching – the method we are convinced will create collective intelligence within organizations to impact expected changes in behavior on a broad scale. In concrete terms, this means creating the conditions to connect knowledge, know-how, experience and strengths of each member of the organization to find original and sustainable solutions to meet corporate challenges.

EDCOF coaching services focus on specific identification of leverage that can be used for development and offer customized and operational-ready support, so that energy and clearness of vision support the transition from an idea into action.

With Professional coaching, it is the empathy, availability, and the willingness to challenge and support we offer that are recognized as outstanding features by our clients. Our teams combine positive spirit with demanding feedback on the choices of action to be taken, consistent with the overall objectives set by the company.

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